Silly Bunny


Oh, what a lovely selection this year! Such cute little bunnies. Each with a cherubic face: round rosy cheeks, tiny pink lips, glistening wide eyes. I don’t know where to begin… I suppose I’ll just pluck one at random – what fun this will be.

They seem to grow uncomfortable when I try to coax the first one toward me. I don’t want to frighten them; don’t they know how I love my precious bunnies? I suppose the fidgeting and jostling should be expected as my impatience drives me to grab the first boy and drag him forward. Calming myself, I reach back in time and recall my grandmother’s instructions from when I myself was a youth.

“Everyone knows you start with the eyes. Nibbling them off the face is the first step. Then the ears. Yes, the ears. You begin on the right, taking small bites until you reach the crown – but don’t crack it! Breaching the skull at this point would be unforgivable!” She would say with mock exaggeration. Giggling, we would begin peeling back the foil wrapper together. “Next, it’s the legs. Nibble, nibble, nibble! Once you reach the torso, it’s time for a final sugary treat – the bow tie. When I was a girl, I ate all the parts off my bunnies first, and then I would line up their leftover bodies to be devoured later!” She would always tickle me when she reached this part of the story.

The din of screaming children is a faint echo compared to the bliss of such a treasured memory. As my eyes open, I see the other bunnies gathered in the corner, scrambling and clawing at one another to climb out of their pen. Silly bunnies! You can’t get out… the wall is much too high, I chortle to myself. Then I notice the change – tears streak their once placid faces; their formerly rosy cheeks are now blotchy and rouged an ugly red. Both saddened and angered, I turn my attention back to the one I’m holding. I realize he’s squirming and shoving against my hand to be set free. My previous jubilant mood is beginning to sour. Why are they ruining this for me? Selfish little bunnies!

In my anger, I must have shaken him too hard – the little bunny is no longer struggling; blood is trickling from his open mouth; his body dangles slack in my grip. Another special day ruined. How I miss my gram and the delicious bunnies she would bring me; now I’m forced to collect my own. Glancing toward the corner, I see a few have given up and are sitting on the floor sobbing. The cacophony of terrified wails from the others has grown in volume and pitch. I wonder if gram was wrong. I wonder if I should set these bunnies free; they really are adorable, after all. Then I look down at the one dangling from my hand. A small smile begins to creep its way across my face. I’m a good boy; I deserve these bunnies.

Everyone knows you start with the eyes…

~ Nina D’Arcangela

© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

21 thoughts on “Silly Bunny

  1. Ohhh what a delicious tale to wake ip to! I loved, lived the creep factor. Nice and short and it took a normal Easter story and made it wanderful. I love this !! Exqusite.


    1. Hi Sandra! Thank you… I always found Easter to be a somewhat morbid tradition of celebration fertilization, so eating the little ‘bunnies’ was a bit of revenge on the accepted norm. 🙂


  2. Without a doubt, one of if not the most favorite story I have read by you, Nina! 🙂 This is a gem! Endearing to my cold, cold heart, ‘Silly Bunny’ is slathered with quirkiness and told in such a pure, devious (and delicious) voice. I have read it several times over, and each time I clapped deliriously! lol I bow to you, Dark Angel ;}


    1. Thanks Joe! I’m really glad you enjoyed it so much. It’s where my mind goes naturally – I’m not quite sure what that says about me as a person, but as an odd little horror writer that twists the everyday, I fully embrace the devilish giggles that bubble to the surface with this kind of tale! lol 🙂


  3. A deviously delicious and dark tale, Nina! I loved it! It truly makes one realize that the way they’re eating their chocolate bunny at Easter is actually quite gruesome! Great job!


    1. Hey Jon – yeah, Easter is a fairly gruesome holiday to start with. Add in a few munchies that don’t fit in a basket, and it kicks up to a whole new level! I’m happy you liked it so much!! Welcome to the inner workings of my brain! LMAO! 🙂


    1. The bunnies loved it, they just had to get over the shock-factor and realize just how special they really were to be chosen! lol – Thanks, Tyr! The newspaper clipping sealed the deal for me. One of my partners found it, and as soon as I saw it, I knew eyes and ears needed nibbling! 😉


  4. Glad I finished my choc bunny before reading this little treat! It is a pretty macabre tradition, when you have stories like this to put it in perspective! Great stuff, as always, Dark Angel.


    1. It is definitely a macabre tradition, whether you are doing the commercialized ‘goodies’ version, or the fertility rituals of old. Sometimes it’s more about the process than the end result – that’s what Gram would say! *much giggling* I’m glad you enjoyed your bunny, and mine – thanks, Thom! 🙂


  5. Sorry everyone for the late replies! My eyes have kept me away from the computer for a while now… I guess the truth is in my tale – everyone knows you start with the eyes! 🙂


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