The Vampire I See


Sit before the Tale Weaver.

Heed me now.  ‘Tis not a chronicle I do recount, nor a fable spun beyond your wildest imagination.  Aye, I impart onto you a warning, and if wise, measure my every word you will.  Beware the beast that drinks not of blood but feasts upon the essence of your very being.

‘Tis the psychic vampire I speak.

Once entry is gained into your mind, there is no stopping these fiends.  For that is where they dwell…and breed.  Spawning their miasmal infection deep, deep into the root of your brain.  Imbedded, only the hourglass marks the moment your soul succumbs to their detestable will.

Scoff you do?  Hold your tongue, lest I cast you from this blog and into the feculent depths from which these creatures emanate.  More powerful than their undead brethren, they stride unhindered beneath sun and moon.  Obscurity they prefer; yet unabashed they roam.  Aberrations of ourselves, yet so closely tethered by common threads.  You know who they are, yet their guise renders them unknown.

You fidget within your chair.  Look not queerly upon me then, for the chill snaking along your spine betrays you.  It is them.  Even now, they reach with inconspicuous, needy fingers.  Groping for you.  How the virulent taunt.

Appetites unsatiated, they hunger your vibrance.  Listen now and understand their ploy…they wish you not dead, but rather live not alive.

Do you not recognize the abhorrent ghouls now?  Then introduce you I shall to these miscreations!  Look and forever shall you know – friends and family and strangers their masquerade!  And the cruelest of truths have I saved for last.  There.  There.  Your eyes do not deceive you.  My mirror doth not lie.   Aye, the most wicked of abominations stares you back.

The torturer within.

Until next I summon you, be gone.

So the Tale Weaver speaks.

~ Joseph A. Pinto as the Tale Weaver

© Copyright 2012 Joseph A. Pinto. All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “The Vampire I See

  1. The is exquisite! It sweeps me away, and leaves me wanting more – an entire book to curl up with while drifting on a current of such eloquent prose. Your ‘voice’ is beyond beautiful.


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