All Is Lost

So the moment comes, when redemption fades away.
It slowly curls like ashes beneath the light of day.
Darkness shreds my soul as I sink into the deep,
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.

I rise, but I am Fallen; blackness taints my wings.
Cursed love, take my light and the agony it brings.
Don’t speak to me of lonely; I live upon its shore.
Bereft of all but anger, I ache for something more.

A loner among many, I crave the absent sun,
Chained beneath the burden of all that I have done.
Love is but a memory, a secret that I keep.
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.

Humans dwell in darkness and bind it to their soul,
Unaware that greed and suffering are what will make us whole.
Their world falls to ruin, the consequences steep,
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.

The Fallen dance and revel; their golden eyes do shine,
While they trace the scars that brand me—wings that once were mine.
Putrid demons rule, but my heart no longer cares,
My empathy has withered with vacant human stares.

Compassion is a gift, and once it’s thrown away
Nothing’s left to cage the Beast, and keep the dark at bay.
The Evil Prince of Lies awakes from his banished sleep.
And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep.

So give into tragic fate, and let your heart grow sour.
Mourn the years that passed you by, and waste this very hour.
These are the things that please my kind and make them grow strong–
You’ll dance like puppets to the beat of their siren’s song.

My brothers I’ve abandoned to a deadly fate,
The hour is upon us, I fear it is too late.
Though the Light here has died, your memories they will keep.
And somewhere high above me the angels gently weep.

And somewhere high above me, the angels gently weep . . .

~ Adriana Noir

© Copyright 2012 Adriana Noir. All Rights Reserved.

19 thoughts on “All Is Lost

  1. “Darkness shreds my soul as I sink into the deep” – I think I’ve fallen in love with your writing as though it was my first glimpse all over again. This is a beautifully moving piece Adri! Dark, sad, and superbly crafted. Thank you for sharing it with us Noir Goddess. ;}


  2. I absolutely love this, Adri!

    I felt as though I’d been crouching upon a wicked crag, observing alongside Seir himself (or is it ‘itself?’) – tasting the taint of humanity, and deeper still, the taint of oneself. Is this a reflection of all Seir glimpses or simply this grand creature’s true reflection?

    I relate & connect so well with this poem – a true tribute to your own skill for bringing that out from within me. And moreover, you’ve only deepened the mystery of Seir. I cannot wait for this being to at last be known…



    1. Aww, Joe! You’re making me blush! Sadly (and probably disturbingly) I connect and relate as well. One cannot help it when a muse such as Seir whispers constantly in their ear. 😉 His views on the human condition are not what most would hope for! Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words. I do so aim to please!


  3. Oh, Adriana, you have done it yet again… Personally, I think poetry is one of the most difficult forms of creative written expression. It’s something I could never do if my life depended upon it. So thus, I don’t attempt it. But you, dear dark one, make it appear so effortless. And for that, you should be congratulated. *congratulatory face* I do so enjoy reading (no…consuming…) your brooding words that come from the darkest (and perhaps ‘best’ [*in-my-book grin*] part of your soul).

    If there were a park for poets
    A field of dreams perhaps
    you would be the one
    To safely walk the final lap.

    Grand slam. *humbled face* However, in closing, I must say that not ALL ‘demons’ are putrid… *devious-daemonic smile*


    1. Ah, Daemonwulf, your words have graced me with a smile so bright it could blind in all of this darkness. *grateful fangy leer* I’m humbled by your comments, and thankful you enjoyed my offering. Not to mention, I did so enjoy the rhyme. (We won’t call it a poem since you swear you would never attempt such, but methinks there might be a poet in there yet!)
      And aye. I apologize. Not ALL ‘demons’ are putrid. But then again, perhaps putrid is not bad. Somethings are all in the eye of the beholder. *graceful bow*


  4. Simply beautiful, Adriana. I love the tragic, existential tone running through it. I almost wanted it to be a hymn! Like Joe, I found myself relating to it over and over. Looking forward to what darkness the future brings. . .


    1. Thank you so very much, Thomas! I had to smile at the hymn. Such things might cause one to combust…unless it was a hymn for the Damned. *grins* Thank you for your awesome support! Enjoy the shadowy scapes, my friend!


  5. Damn-it! Where in the hell have I been that I’ve been missing this?

    Adriana, this was darkly gripping and provocative in a gut wrenching way because so many of those emotions are the bitter whispers that wake me up in the middle of the night.

    I truly loved it, and plan on reading everything you post…



    1. Wow, Z, thank you so much for those extremely kind and humbling words, darling! I am so glad something in this poem spoke to you, and extremely grateful you will be coming back for more. Best wishes!


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