The Roommate from Hell

Day 3

I have a new roommate. And he’s the roommate from hell.

I realize that phrase is thrown around a lot, usually to describe housemates whose behaviors range from the mildly annoying peccadillo to acts of full-blown psychosis. You know the type. We’ve all had them. But this is different. I’m now completely convinced there’s a demon living in my apartment.

Day 4

While no beauty by any measure, he’s not as repulsive as you might think. But he does have a slight odor, like a wet blanket left out too long in the rain.

His skin is nearly translucent — much like watered-down milk, and you can almost see the veins crisscrossing his body beneath. He appears cold to the touch, mainly smooth, but with a few wrinkles here and there, especially where his skin hangs loose on his bones.  It flaps around as he moves — an altogether unpleasant sight.

He’s much shorter than I imagined a demon would be, and has a small, wide nose that’s almost squashed. Perhaps broken in some hellish brawl. His eyes are big and round. They’re slightly recessed and stare out at me from beneath an overly large forehead. A chubby belly jiggles when he waddles around the room on fat little legs that are out of proportion to the rest of his body. It’s amazing how quickly they can move, and he with them. Oh, and he wears short, yellow pants.

Day 7

I’ve come to the conclusion that he believes I can’t see him. I know this because he engages in a host of activities that would normally be reserved for times of personal isolation. He frequently gnaws on his long nails, whittling them down so the nubs of his fingers are raw and then spitting the remains all over the floor. He also picks his nose and flicks the dried clumps of mucus through the air. And I have to say I was quite shocked the first time I saw him pull his little pecker from his pants and happily go to work on it.

When the demon isn’t gnawing at, picking in or jerking off his own parts, he can be found sitting calmly in the chair behind me — waiting and watching. Watching television. Watching me. Sometimes he’ll stare almost wistfully out the window, even though there’s little to see — buildings stretching to the horizon, their smokestacks belching exhaust into the haze-filled skies.  He’s there right now, staring at me. Something tells me he has no plans to leave.

Day 12

My demon’s started jogging. For the last three nights I’ve lain in bed listening to the patter of fast little feet as he runs the length of the apartment. He starts in the kitchen, races down the hallway to the front door, gleefully slides on the polished wood floor, spins and runs back again. When he passes the open doorway to my bedroom he’s little more than a blur. Only a few days ago I would’ve thought it odd for a demon to be jogging around my home. Now it’s become routine. His initial runs lasted for only a few minutes, but now he keeps it up for most of the night. He may be trying to drive me mad from lack of sleep.

Day 15

Today when I came home from work, the front door was locked — from the inside. It took some doing before I’d succeeded in breaking the door frame and forcing my way into the house. Once I’d made it inside, the demon ignored me. He sat, nonchalantly rocking back and forth and swinging his short legs to and fro like a recalcitrant child. The half smile on his pale face was almost a sneer, and his mouth flashed rotting teeth. I have to admit, he’s beginning to frighten me.

Day 21

I haven’t been outside in days for fear the demon won’t let me back in. Work stopped calling long ago. I’m sure I’ve been fired. And the food is running out. He has a voracious appetite, eating everything in sight. First it was the sweets — cookies, candies, cakes and all the sodas are long gone. Then he started in on the meats. He’s made the kitchen a filthy mess — countertops cluttered with unwashed pans, walls spattered with grease and foodstuff littering the floor from his failed attempts at frying, boiling, stewing and simmering everything in the house. I’m beginning to wonder how long I can take this.

Day 25

Last night, while I was asleep, he took a bite out of my thigh. I don’t know how he accomplished it without my knowledge, but he did. What do I know about the anesthetizing powers of the supernatural otherworld? Whatever it was, it worked, and I woke up this morning missing a large chunk of my flesh that, I must say, I’d become quite fond of. I realize he’s not likely to go away on his own; I must do something.

Day 27

Fever has wracked my body from the infection caused by his bite. I can’t even sit up to type. I think I’ll rest a bit longer today.

Day 30

This morning I cut off my leg. Unable to control the spread of the infection, I had no other choice. I wrapped it in a dirty sheet and hid it beneath my bed. I hope he doesn’t sneak in while I’m asleep and make a meal of it. I want to keep my body parts as far away from his as possible. I hear him on the other side of the door. He’s giggling.

Day 35

Yesterday my fever finally broke. And with my strength slowly returning, I started planning. After so many days locked in my room I’m badly undernourished. The flesh from my amputated leg will only sustain me for so long.

Day 36

I finally did it! Last night I struck! With a knife I’d secreted from the foul-smelling kitchen, I fashioned a spear by duct taping the blade to the remains of my tattered leg.

Once the demon had completed several laps down the hallway, I went for it. As he passed the doorway, I thrust my makeshift weapon into his path. The blade caught him mid-stride, severing his Achilles tendon, causing him to scream in pain and sending him tumbling head over heels into the front door where he crashed with such a noise it startled me.

I warily crawled to his side. And when I was sure he was out cold I grabbed his fat leg and sunk my teeth deep into the meat of his upper thigh. I have to say he tasted a bit like chicken. When I bit down, I felt his bone splinter between my jaws.

My bite shocked him back into consciousness with a keening wail that I was sure would wake the dead. I didn’t care if it had, choosing instead to relish watching him scamper away, groaning in agony.

Day 39

Things have been quiet. I haven’t seen the demon for more than 24 hours. Two days ago I heard the sound of breaking glass. I want to imagine he jumped through the window, meeting his death on the street below. But without the strength to check, I just lay here reveling in the fantasy. All that’s left for me to eat are the few remaining pieces of meat on my souring leg, and the horde of flies and maggots that have found a home there. I can only take a couple bites at a time, barely able to choke down the rotting pieces of my own flesh.

Day 40

He wasn’t dead after all. Last night he started the fire.

The flames made quick work of my cheap bedroom door, allowing him to break through. When he crawled across the threshold, I could tell he was in bad shape. The infection from my bite had taken its toll. As he dragged himself through the flames I realized the source of the crash I’d heard. In his crippled and feverish state, he must’ve fallen onto the dining room table. Shards of glass were now embedded in his cheeks and protruded from his forehead, creating dangerous spiked horns where there had been none.

To an outsider we must have looked quite the pair. Two crippled souls laying on the floor of a rancid, smoke-filled apartment that smelled of waste and death. He slowly dragged his body forward through the filth. But due to his lack of nails, he was unable to gain much purchase on the slippery wood floor, the manicured nubs of his fingers offering little traction.

I saw the desperation in his eyes as he pulled himself toward me. That’s when I realized he was far too weak and broken. During my self-imposed isolation, I’d been preparing, sharpening my own talons. My clawed fingers, combined with the scales that undulate in waves across my body ensured that I’d be more effective at dragging myself along the floor and plucking those hideous blue eyes from his skull before he could get hold of my own beautiful fiery reds.

~ Daemonwulf

© Copyright 2013 DaemonwulfTM. All Rights Reserved.

39 thoughts on “The Roommate from Hell

  1. Very entertaining, Lord of Wulves. I love the twist at the end. I was waiting for something From Daemonwulf, but I had not expected that. Well done. Making a meal of the limb was excellent. Lots of hints upon reflection, but not seen in the engrossing experience.



    1. Why thank you Chris. You have become such a great supporter of Pen of the Damned and me and I appreciate your kind words. Glad I was able to keep the ‘secret’ until just the right moment. That’s always something that I question whether I do effectively enough. And, I do have admit that I do have a bit of a flair for the dramatic. *exit-stage-right smile*


  2. My own blue eyes reread the journal, seeking clues that might save them. Well done!

    Off to seek Daemonwulf Protection Program relocation from zkullis. Keep the security deposit. I’m glad I read your journal before using my two good legs to haul belongings into your lair.


    1. Gloria, Gloria. No worries, your blue eyes are safe with me. *toothy grin* As long as you keep them…er…’pinned’ to the pages of Pen of the Damned. *snicker* But, on a serious note, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on my little piece of madness. Your comments are greatly appreciated and its only through your sharing of them that I know I am successful in dressing my salad of words. *highly-appreciative smile*


    1. Oh Dear ‘dette, we Damned appreciate profanity quite well. *profane grin* Thank you m’dame for your continued support of my work here on Pen of the Damned. I do very much appreciate your taking the time to read my stories and share your thoughts with me. AND, thank you as well for the re-blog! *spreading-the-word smile*


  3. Oh, Daemonwulf. Yet another wonderful, dread-filled tale. How do you do it? This is a different kind of work from you. Very unexpected. It is a joy to see you growing as an author and expanding your repertoire. I saw a little black humor in the beginning, but the terror for our scaly hero escalated quickly. It is an expertly crafted tale, with the tension building and building to that final gem of a twist. There were so many small, clever details. One of those stories that one can read over and over and find something new each time. A really fun read that leaves me wanting to experience more from you, as always. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


    1. Ms. Lawson of the Ess Kays… Thank you once again for your de-lissssshous review of my silly little tale. Yes, it was a bit of a departure for this here wulf, glad you noticed. I wanted to explore the black (and black-hearted) comedian that lives inside me. Glad I was able to pull it off enough to inspire you to share your thoughts. *highly-appreciative grin*


  4. Aah, if only my demon simply hurled dried boogers at me…the mess would be so much easier to clean. It pleasing itself before me, however…not so much lol

    I think your story is outstanding, Daemonwulf. I’ve always enjoyed great horror infused with tongue-in-cheek humor; it’s a delicate balance. Too much of one sprinkle here, too much of one dollop there…as Gordon Ramsey says, “Bloody hell! Now piss off and get out of my kitchen!” But that shall not happen this week. You have not been chopped; you move on yet again with your Ginsu cutting edge of prose and style!

    Just so much fun to read, and yet the creepy factor hung throughout. I had a great mental image of that chubby lil demon wreaking havoc within the apartment, and the subsequent ‘steps’ the narrator took to handle his crisis. I can’t say enough about this one…simply awesome!!


    1. Oh come now… Uh…pun not intended… Everyone wants to see a demon make his/her way to orgasm. Well… Maybe not EVERYone… *salacious smile* Thank you sir for the kind, courteous and comprehensive comments (*alliterative grin*) about my little foray into the dark world of humor and general bizarre. Your continued support of my work is truly a source of inspiration for me. Now if I could only inspire this horde of demons to leave me alone and stop grabbing at my tail and pulling my hair. *toothy grin*


    1. LMW(wulven)AO. THAT is an AWESOME comment. But then, I have a bit of penchant for things and people and actions that are ‘whacked out.’ *whackey smile* Thanks so much for your kind words and highly appreciated compliment. I am humbled. Now I’m going off to whack some little demon on the head. *toothy grin*


  5. Nasty little buggers, those demons! Fun story of tension and intrigue. I enjoyed the progression and the the symmetry of plight. Thank you for spreading your wulven wings and sharing it with us.


    1. *evil snicker* Thanks much Oh Great Tyr. *ignore-the-wulf-behind-the-curtain grin* I’m happy to know that I my wide-spread wings were able to widen your grin. *toothy smile*


  6. Damn DW
    You have us eating out of your hand (I mean thigh)
    Great development all the way to the end where roomates switch places


    1. Serving up chunks of my own thighs is exactly what I’d intended. *canni-wulf grin* Thank you so much Leslie for your comments. They are greatly appreciated. Glad I didn’t ‘spoil’ the…er…’treat’ before the end. Sometimes when so involved in one’s own thoughts, it’s hard to see the tree line at the end of the forest. *turn-of-phrase face* Thanks muchly for confirming I was able to accomplish what I set out to accomplish. *secretive smile*


  7. The Roommate from Hell indeed! What a ‘plucky’ departure from your norm, Mr. Wulf! Tastes like chicken, really? Next time I chomp down on a demon I’ll have to take note. The thigh spear was very clever. Who other than you would dream up such a unique way of recycling? There was a small part of me that was hoping the demon would turn out to be a duality of your ill fated MC in the end – color me jaded I suppose. LOL ;}

    A very entertaining, if not mildly twisted (ahem – apply varying degrees of ‘mildly’ as necessary) yarn in this one! Fun and clever, Daemonwulf! Nicely delivered!


    1. Thank you D’arcling. Yes, I thought I would take a shot at honing the mildly humorous and cynical sides of my self. Glad I could provide a source of fun and entertainment here on the stage of the Damned. Who woulda thunk the word ‘fun’ would be used so often on the pages of #PEN? It was…er…fun to write. *funny face* *laugh*


  8. Wulf… I enjoy putting myself in the position of the subject whenever I read. It helps me draw as much horror and emotion as I can from what I’m reading.

    When I got to the end, and realized that ~ I ~ was the demon with the fiery red eyes, the already great story flipped on its NOS and kicked my ass. Seriously, I had to go back and read the story a few times to make sure I didn’t miss any of it.

    Following the being’s descent into depths of insanity and cannibalism was done so well with those increasing degrees of depravity and emotional lethargy.

    (making a spear from the remains of his gnawed-upon leg was brilliant)


    1. Kull… You have made my day! *lucky-punk smile* I am beyond thrilled that I could turn you into a fiery-eyed demon over and over and over again. Welcome to the clan! *red-eyed grin* I often do the same thing when reading (and writing), it’s my effort to live vicariously through the words of others, and to also get the full effect of the dread being laid out for my consumption.

      Once again, sir, thank you SO VERY MUCH for your wonderfully inspiring commentary. I am truly honored that you find value and entertainment in reading my work. I am more appreciative than words can state for your continued support and also for taking the time to share your very appreciated thoughts. It is really a pleasure to have you lurking around these Damned pages, if only to know I can drag you kicking and screaming into my own mania. *sincere smile*


      1. The commentary is simply a reflection of how I responded and felt – which in turn is a reflection of the writing. The Wulf clan will have my continued support, as will the other talented devils writing on these Damned pages.

        *lurking with pleasure*

        I will be kicking, clawing and screaming as I plunge head-first into the maniacal abyss.


  9. Bizarre and disturbing, Wulf! Refreshing to read a little comedy between these bloodied pages. The diary format helps us to empathise with the main character, right up to the end when we share in his realisation! There is not much more to be said; the success of the story is evident from the reviews written above by your readers.

    Reminds me of an old room mate or two, actually, (thankfully) minus cannibalistic intentions…


    1. Why thank you T.B. (*cough, cough* *grin*) Comedy (dark or light) is not really something I do very often. Or even well. Thought I’d give it the good ole college try on this one. Also have to admit I was a bit wary about how it would be accepted (or not) here amongst the black-hearted and dread-dripped Damned. But my fears have been allayed. Glad you liked it friend…er…I mean mate! *’room’-for-a-union-jacky grin* And, to be honest, some of this was perhaps a bit auto-biographical, sans the self-cannibalism of course. *accused-of-bad-roommate-syndrome-his-self smile* But seriously, thanks much!


  10. My, my, Daemonwulf! A cannibal who eats himself is quite interesting. This could be the next great diet gimmick. Brings to mind the old hippie tune: If you can’t eat with the one you love, eat the one you’re with. . . I am thinking of the right song, am I not? You managed to get those gorgeous red peepers into the story as well. I would expect nothing less from you, my friend.

    Great story! I love the day by day buildup.



    1. Or, perhaps, the crappy ’80s song “I eat cannibals. Feed on animals…” Personally, I like your song choice much better. Glad you enjoyed this little trip into my past life. I was always the roommate who ate food that wasn’t his and failed to fill up the ice cube trays. (Won’t go into all the other, much worse things… *false-innocence face*) But thank you Oh Fiery One for taking the time to read my post and for sharing your thoughts. They are much appreciated.


  11. I am so glad I’m past the roommate stage in my life. This is humor in its blackest form. I keep picturing what it would be like to cut off my own leg. Breakfast isn’t looking so good right now.


    1. Yes, the roommate stage was a notoriously touchy one. However, if I shall be honest, I was actually known for making the time more difficult than necessary for most of mine… *sigh*


    1. Thank you very much for reading my piece and for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s greatly appreciated. I’m glad I was able to convey a feeling a dread and successfully flip the proverbial table on you. If you don’t know my by now (sounds like an 80s song… *toothy grin*) I do like surprises. *sharp smile*


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