Broken Dream

I came so innocent as a child

such wild and  fanciful play

I would often tiptoe in the night

 staying long into the day


Fortresses queen I’d be

sea castles in my mind

and as I older grew

I toyed in the sublime


 chance encounter that I had

mad he flapped and cawed

black cloaked raven-man

a twisted face, how odd


things were altered now it seemed

my dreams began to thin

 darkness seeped in and through

imagination’s walls  begun to spin


Bloodless echoes haunted me

“please” I’d close my ears

steel-like, frozen where I stood

terrorized by my fears


Malevolence stalked through the mist

abyss like were his eyes

vile dropped from his lips

his cloak rendered no disguise


“I take you as my victim

pinned – a voodoo curse

you cannot from it run

I promise it’s the worst”


No light lit his face

trace, there was no sorrow

 a hideous malignant sneer

little time left to borrow


There is no place that I know

to go or leave this thing

bound in a timeless shell

to none hope can I bring


For you, life-taker grows this hate

rape you may my world

but watch this as life’s child

her vengeance is unfurled


try with all my will to shake

awake I’d purge the dream

blood through fingers oozed

coagulated as I’d scream


my hands they hold a sanguinous flood

loves I cannot save

none could stem abhorrent tide

In their blood I am depraved


alert my plans, they have wrought

thoughts to kill my foe

the curse must be undone

for the sake of all I know


The maniac’s thirsty schemes

dreams that I now dread

 dealt a hand I cannot play

his crimes are mine instead


rivulets of a cursed flow

grow as I hold them tight

I stand so pale and aghast

her stream gushes in the night


this dreaded, foretold dream alas

last of those I knew

puddles form in ebbing streams

I can only mouth,” Adieu”


“Ha” he gasped “Gagnez – you win”

A pin thrust in my side

too late was lost his final breath

” no victory all have died!”


 keeper of nightmarish pool

fool I knew too late

this ghoulish fiend held a key

would have opened freedom’s gate


you, dream-waker come this way

as the noir play unfolds

ghastly gore spread neath your feet

“what evil is untold?”


Endless blood pools there it lay

off-stage a cloak is draped

 one lifeless human voodoo doll

nightmares he must shake


From the doll a pin he gently pulls

full of shape and life is she

cruelly manacled to a frozen wall

his aim to set her free


 “there must a way to make this cease”

“release me not,” I scream

I now am specter of both worlds

 leave me shackled to this dream”

~ Leslie Moon

© Copyright 2013 Leslie Moon. All Rights Reserved.

39 thoughts on “Broken Dream

  1. This is the nightmare you can’t wake up from or run from
    This poem is like a pathway that is full of discoveries that in the end are disastrous for you and others…


  2. nice….wow moon…this is epic….really nice storytelling…and you capture well the feel in classical feeling piece that is still very modern….like it much…felt it…


  3. Leslie, this is as mystical as it is monstrous; I think you crafted a superb poem with ‘Broken Dream’ and I simply loved it. Its mood, its tone…wordage…everything just swirls together and plays off the other. I know I sound like a reality game show judge, my apologies lol, but your contribution to Pen this week showcases the talent you possess. You allowed this tale to speak for itself & I think it’s beautifully haunting! I can go on and on, but I’d like to give ‘Broken Dream’ another read! 🙂


  4. With Broken Dream’s cadence and metre, you led at your whim like a bull pulled by his nose ring. The first word that came to my mind as I finished this was “haunting”. Bits and pieces of this jumped out and bit me while the rest of your cleverly crafted Broken Dream amped up the tension and my enjoyment.

    I have a particular fondness for voodoo and similar belief systems. I quite a bit of time living in Brazil, and I saw some pretty gnarly shit that I don’t talk about after dark unless I want to invite something outré to the party. This poem had me bound, especially after the first and second read.

    “leave me shackled to this dream” Dark hearts think alike, Nina. This is my favorite part of Broken Dream.


    1. ooo I like the bull being pulled analogy. This would be a piece that with the right voice a reading with add to that pull I believe. Let’s talk after dark sometime would love to hear more…


      1. I agree. The right voice with this piece would be amazing.

        Let me know when you would like to talk – dark corners are meant to be explored. I’ll send you something that I wrote last year around Halloween. It gives a glimpse to some of what I saw in Brazil.


  5. Such a moving and well crafted poem, Leslie! Like Zack, I have a fondness for voodoo and was quite immersed in the rhythm of the poem as it traipsed through two worlds. Two worlds of conflict? Maybe not as much as most would be lead to believe. Once more: a very moving poem!



      1. Being aware of what can occur within the words of your poem certainly leaves things open for consideration. Might I add: a very satisfied resolution within the grey matter.



  6. Such a beautiful tragedy, Leslie!!! Your delicate verses of malice, blood, and despair moved me. Your stab at darkness was dead-on accurate! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Bravo!


    1. One thing I like about poetry is it can take the reader to the recesses of his or her own dark places. Your dark places are different than mine (well perhaps)
      Tyr thanks for the inspiration you and each of the team give me on the dark side of the moon


  7. You’ve captured the balance between beauty and menace here, Leslie, to be sure. ‘Broken Dreams’ is a haunting and nightmarish poem, filled with imagery delicate yet dreadful. There is a definite sense of immersion, too, as you lose yourself in the increasingly Damned depths of the tale. Truly, you are Pen’s dark poet!


  8. I visit here by way of twitter. I am never disappointed.
    This piece drew me in, the rhythm and wording, are gently hypnotic. I was caught before I knew it.

    The last line just nailed it for me.


    1. Welcome to the Damned!

      Our Leslie Moon is wonderfully talented, isn’t she? We are so happy you enjoyed ‘Broken Dream.’

      Please don’t be a stranger; once Damned, always Damned. Hope to hear from you again soon!

      Best Wishes,

      Joseph Pinto and the Damned


    2. It was great to have you stop by. I have met some incredible people through twitter (I am never disappointed either)
      It was the last line that was in my head when I started writing the piece so I’m glad you liked it. Again thank you so much for visiting Pen of the Damned a truly talented group of writers.


  9. Oh Leslie, Leslie, Leslie…
    What a joy to read your rhymes.
    It’s a pleasure every Tuesday
    Filling me with hella-good times.

    There is but one thing I can say,
    That hasn’t yet been said.
    You work is stunning in every way,
    And leaves me with such dread…

    Ahhhh… Now, back to our regularly scheduled program (or, programme — so Thomas understands *yankee-wanker grin*)… Leslie, I truly admire your ability to string together so few words while also taking the reader on a dark and dangerous journey of both sight and sound (to borrow a phrase. *toothy grin*)

    I have said this before, but I maintain that crafting poetry is a very unique skill that only a few writers possess. As you can see from my attempt, my own rhyming pail is empty. But poetry that is so well-done is another animal altogether. And you, Moon Lady, do it SO fantastically well. *humbled face*


    1. DW – how do you at one moment have someone on the floor laughing and the next cringing in a corner shuddering? I thank you for your confidence. I am in my beginnings with this dark stuff – I look to each of you to lead the way (tho we may be groping in the dark) Lead on damned ones!!!

      (your poetry – exquisite *toothless grin*)


      1. Thank you kindly, Lunar Leslie. And, I believe, the answer to your question is “mania.” *psychotic smile* *uncontrolled fits of laughter*

        But, if this is your first foray into the dark and seedy underbelly of gruesome ghoulies, I believe you are well on the path to finding yourself through the darkness — all groping aside (*but-appreciated laugh*).


    2. (Thank you for your British spelling considerations, Wolf!)

      I agree. To fully adopt poetry as your craft, and be so successful in it, is a wonderful and frightening thing. Dark magic, Leslie, in a modern world that needs it more than ever.


  10. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished
    to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write
    again soon!


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