Into The Blue

“Hello there,” a man’s voice says.

I open my eyes and realize I’m standing on a pier. Snow lies in small, shoveled heaps along the edges and the sky is a cloudless grey. It’s cold yet I feel nothing.

“I bet you’re wondering why you’re naked?”

Looking down I see that the voice is right but feel no need to cover myself up. Turning to my right, I see him.

He’s an older man with thin, white hair combed to the side. Thick rimmed glasses rest upon his nose magnifying his green eyes.

“My name’s Horton,” he says extending his hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Herman Trotter.”

“How do you know who I am?”

“There’s no easy way to say it so I’ll just come out with it. You’re dead.”

I blink twice. “Dead?”

“Unfortunately. What’s the last thing you remember?”

Thinking back, I easily find the memory. “I was filling my truck up with gas.”

Horton nods and says, “While you were filling your truck, two rival gangs got into a shootout. A bullet ricocheted off the pavement and penetrated your skull just behind your right ear. You were dead before you hit the ground.”

I take the information in stride, knowing that it’s true. Looking at the pier, snow and the sky, nothing here seems alive, myself included.

“I’m surprised you haven’t asked yet,” Horton says.

“Asked what?”

“If you’re in Heaven or Hell.”

“I’m an… was an atheist. I’d never given much thought to where I would end up.”

Horton laughs and says, “Some atheists are like that. You may not believe in a god but you still have a soul and when your physical body expires, your soul has to go somewhere.”

“Where exactly is that?”

He places his hand on my back between my shoulder blades and gently ushers me down the pier. “To the Blue.”

For the first time since I arrived, I look out beyond the end of the pier.

It’s unbelievable.

Upon first glance it looks like the ocean with waves rolling about, gently lapping against rocks along the shore. I then notice it’s navy blue in color with streaks of aqua green and black cutting through the jelly-like texture at various intervals. Beneath the surface, flashes of white flicker like lightning.

“What is it?” My voice is barely a whisper.

“That, my friend, is the resting place for mankind’s atheist souls. Good or bad, they all come here in the end.”

I have a strong urge to leap off the pier into it.

“What’s your role in this?” I ask.

“I’m the administrator. It’s my job to keep track of who goes into the Blue.”

“How do you do that?”

Horton reaches into his inner coat pocket, pulling out a folded paper and gold pen. “Whenever someone new arrives, they must sign this registration before they go into the Blue.”

Although I don’t want to, I pull my eyes away from the Blue and look at him. “Is that it?”

Horton nods and says, “Alexander the Great asked me the same question before he went in and yes, that’s it.”

My eyes find their way back to the Blue while I reach out for the pen. Gripping it in my hand I barely manage to scribble my name along the dotted line.

“Very good,” Horton says. He folds the paper up and slides it back inside his coat. “Whenever you’re ready, you may jump.”

I’m already in the air falling towards the Blue before he gets the words out.

There is no splash.

The sensation of falling is instantly replaced by bliss. My eyes are open and while I don’t see anyone, I connect with them; with everyone in the Blue. Time stands still as I fully accept the Blue’s embrace.

Below me is a flash.

I don’t think much of it until the searing pain hits me.

We all cry out without making a sound.

Another flash flickers below, but closer.

And I see it.

Swimming amidst the Blue is a translucent eel-like shape with a large mouth. It emits a flash each time its mouth opens, exposing row upon row of teeth.

It’s taking bites out of the Blue.

I begin swimming… struggling towards the surface. When I finally break through, I cry out, “Horton!”

The old man is still standing on the pier and he looks down at me, puzzled.

“Why Mister Trotter,” he says. “Whatever is the matter?”

“What the hell is in here with us?”

I briefly slip below the surface but rise up again.

“We call them the Translucies.”

They’re eating us!

Horton laughs and says, “Well of course they are. How else do you expect us to maintain the maximum number of souls allowed in the Blue at one time?”

He begins saying something else, words I don’t hear as I slip below the surface; down into the Blue.

~ Jon Olson

© Copyright 2016 Jon Olson. All Rights Reserved

25 thoughts on “Into The Blue

  1. I’m with Veronica – this story woo’s you into wanting to jump into the blue along with Herman! Great piece, Jon, very well written. The dialogue and accompanying description is damn near hypnotic. Bravo, Mr. Olson – where do I sign? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Brilliant writing! Had me hooked from the start and almost wanting to jump in with him! Oh and the being eaten part at the very end, was very final, loved the twist! More please!!! Awdw X

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yay! Msg from the frenchie , he very much enjoyed this offering and is highly likes your way of thinking and writing! He praise indeed coming from him as he’s very hard to impress when it comes to books and stuff like that. Or as we loving call him , a book snob! ( not sure I should say that as a sub or as his future wife , but what the worsted he could do ahh!)

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    1. Thank you! I was hoping to give that different take on that. Also I wanted to present the idea that regardless of whether or not you choose to believe, each option has its pros and cons. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to comment!


  3. Jon, I apologize for being late to the party…but your story rocked this week!! Loved the premise, and you did such a good job delivering your tale. With every story here, we watch you grow & you should be incredibly proud of yourself. I certainly am! Keep at it, brother, excellent!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot, Joe! Not only for reading but the kind words. I’ve enjoyed this Damned ride a lot and feel that I’ve learned an incredible amount that I wouldn’t haven’t gotten without the Damned’s help. You guys are amazing and kick ass! Thanks a again, brother!

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  4. Sorry I’m a bit late to comment! I loved this piece! The character, Horton really drew me in, much in the same way Herman was drawn to jump. The tension really builds up during the conversation between them, wondering what’s really going to happen to Herman. Great description of how he’s drawn into the Blue by an irresistible urge. If I ever think I’m having a bad day, I’ll remember this!


  5. Morning, Jon – I’m playing catch-up here but christ is this awesome! Really love it, from the concept to the writing to the quick dialogue. The whole thing is so slick, and the Translucies… So creepy yet also mesmerising!


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