Creeping slowly from the deep, the creature within obeys without question – as do the others. The line marches forward; the shelf shallows by inches. All the while, whispers gurgle malicious intent. Too long have they resided below, an army dormant while another presumes apex stature. Alone, they are helpless, hapless, unwitting; far too fragile to cause effect. But together, united by His call, they will once again lay claim for they are legion. Shallow cuts in the sand mark their passage as the echo within grows. It resounds not the hark of angelic horns, but a violent thrumming of reclamation. Lining the shores, they wait as the flaming sky sizzles into crueler darkness.

∼ Nina D’Arcangela

© Copyright Nina D’arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. OOoooooooo!! Nina manages to scare the sox off me every time with only a limited number of words. Her monstrous visions are terrifying, and speak of penultimate doom from which there is no escape. Save us, help!!! A plus!

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    1. Thank you, Charles! I try to avoid HPL references whenever possible, but I love that everyone extrapolates something different from the piece. It’s actually based on Revelations flipped on it’s ‘shell’ (cheeky, I know). Instead of angels descending from on high, it’s an army of creatures that have been lurking below… Put an ‘s’ on the end of God, and I guess we’re in Elder territory. Thank you for the kind words! 😀 ❤


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