Return to the grave

Dance with me, my love
Upon this grave we’ve dug together
Deep within the heart of midnight
Among the ghouls, ghosts, and gloom

We’ll share a twirl and a spin
Caught up in a cobwebbed lace of spider-silk down
With the sound of harpsichord and howling wind
A music of passion for our tomb

Above the ground, on the outside in
Lovers of the dark fantastic will twirl and spit
On graves freshly dug and souls put to new rest
Aloud they live, to die too soon

Give unto me, your threads of desire
While life succumbs to death and hope grows cold
I’ll ravish your remains and suckle your meat
And retreat back inside your womb

Take me, dearest death
Underneath your blanket of sorrow
So that I may live again with my darling first love
To wrap my bones around her morbid corpse
A posthumous blossom to bloom

~ Jack Wallen

© Copyright 2012 Jack Wallen. All Rights Reserved.

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