The Hunter

Slinking through the shadows, the wakened beast starts to rage.
Cursed and bound to endless dark, he hates his moonlit cage.
Longing for a taste of light, the hunger swells within.
Lips pulled taut across his fangs, he dons a feral grin.

Corded muscle starts to quiver with the song of night.
Snout turned up to sniff the air, he tracks his victim’s flight.
Yellow parchment wings expand with a muted rustle.
Deadened twigs crack in the woods ‘neath his victim’s hustle.

Her pounding heart provides the song pulsing in his ears.
Flee and chase, a pointless game, performed throughout the years.
Razor talons glint beneath the silver glow of moon.
Eyes slit with enraptured bliss, he knows it will be soon.

Caught up in the thrill of hunt, the demon gives a howl.
Withered leaves fall below; he emits a smell most foul.
Pungent sulfur fills the air; his victim starts to cry.
Blinded by a veil of tears, she knows that she will die.

Sprawled in savage tumble, they go crashing to the ground.
His amber eyes dance with glee; she begs without a sound.
With an ominous rumble, he claims his frightened bride.
Wings pressed flat against his back, he thrusts his fist inside.

Prize in hand and bathed in blood, he holds her stilling heart.
Depraved, he licks it clean and beholds the Devil’s art.
Coiled over crimson form, he eats his fallen foe.
Take heed when in shadow, or this hunter you will know.

~ Adriana Noir

© Copyright 2012 Adriana Noir. All Rights Reserved.


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About Adriana Noir

Author of dark fiction and horror. Lover of mad masked men. Charmer of the undead and mortals alike. ~ Step inside my humble abode, darlings. I assure you will find those monsters under your bed are quite real.~

16 responses to “The Hunter”

  1. Nina D'Arcangela says :

    Adriana, you are a Goddess beyond compare. Your voice slices gracefully through my soul, echoing with a resonance that is unresistingly alluring.


  2. Jack Wallen says :

    Very lovely poem Adriana!


  3. blazemcrob says :

    Visuals blending with scents and odors most foul, surrounding that which is the Hunter, culminating in the crescendo of evil at its worst: this Dark poem is majestic, Adriana!



  4. Thomas James Brown says :

    Beautifully written!


  5. Joseph Pinto says :

    Adri, you’ve been stalking the shadows just waiting to spring The Hunter on us, haven’t you? I don’t think anyone will forget The Hunter after reading this. Great, great poem!


  6. The Blackheart Poetess says :

    Amazing poem Adriana! The Blackheart Poetess bows to you.
    Love the dark rhyme scheme, makes my OCD jump up and down with glee.


  7. Daemonwulf says :

    Adriana, you are truly a Vessel of Darkness. And your prose stirs the deepest recesses of my soul. Truly fantastic stuff. *sincere smile*


  8. edwardlorn says :

    I wish I could pull off something like this. You constantly stun me with your range, Adri.


  9. Hunter Shea says :

    Two words: Frigging awesome!


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