Sweet Nothings

Little bitch.  Thought I’d never find out.  I found out all right. Oh yeah, I found out.  Knew it from day one.  Just kept my mouth shut.  Knew it all along.  Six months and counting now.  Kept my trap shut about it.  Sealed my lips.  Think I’m crazy, don’t you?  Think I’m pretty sad for sticking around.  Keeping her.  Hey, I know what I’m doing, man.  Been waiting it out.  That’s right.  Patience is the best revenge.  Fucking hard to do, man.  But I been waiting it out.  My girl’s been playing a game.

Too bad by my rules.

You know the best part?  My girl’s been coming home late at night.  Shit, the wee hours of the morn.  Me all in bed like I’m sleeping when I’m not.  Watching her in the dark, eyes squinty and all.  Watching her peel her clothes off.  Feeling those titties I’ve had in my mouth a thousand times brush against my arm as she gets into bed.  I make believe like I’m waking up and all.  Run my hands over her tight little body even though I know she been worked over by other hands not too long before.  Course, she’s gotta lay there and take it.  Then my prick gets hard and we fuck.  I fuck her hard too, cause she can’t deny me.  Can’t make me suspicious.  I fuck her hard.  There’s a nasty grin on my face.  It’s too dark in the room for her to see it, and I laugh to myself when I whisper all sweet shit into her ear.

Little bitch.

I know what her guy looks like.  Passed him a few times out on the street.  Once in a bar.  He don’t know who I am.  Don’t know me from Adam.  Besides, I blend with the crowd.  That’s my way.  None too special on the outside.  Just special on the inside.  That’s what momma always told me.  I was special on the inside.  Nobody else quite like me.  Took me awhile, but momma set me right.  Told the truth.  If she was still around, she’d be proud.

I know where my girl’s guy calls home.  Some apartment.  East side of town.  Where trouble lives, at least that’s what they say.  Gotta laugh when I hear that.  See, I was born on the west side and made trouble too shit scared to stick around.  That’s the only reason trouble lives there nowadays.  On account of me.

I told you, patience is the best revenge.  Been biding my time like a big old dog slobbering over a bone.  Never get too tired of gnawing on it.  Oh no.  Not at all.  Tastes sweeter the longer you work it over.  Understand what I’m getting at now?

Paid her guy a visit today.  Don’t look at me like that.  I had to do it. Only so long you carry a charade.  Look at me, using big words now and all.  Yeah, momma would be proud.  All grown up and I finally know what I want to be.

A better man.

Yeah, had a nice face to face with her guy and all.  Told him the way I see things.  Good thing to talk your grief out with another man.  Real good being social.  Separates us from the animals.  Told him I didn’t appreciate him fucking my girl.  He understood.  Told him I didn’t appreciate him getting my girl home late at night.  Not safe.  Plus it ruins my night’s sleep, especially when I get up early and all to open the machine shop.  Boss depends on me.  Got to give a good example.  Can’t do that with eyes half shut.  He understood that, too.  Real good being social, I told him.  We’re getting somewhere.

Then I slugged him with the claw hammer I had under my coat.

Gonna leave a nasty mark.  But you never know.  He’s got long hair and all.  Might just cover up the dent.  I apologized to him.  I have a conscious, you know.  Yeah, I apologized.  Except he couldn’t hear cause I knocked him cold.  Hey, I tried.  Counts for something, doesn’t it?

Dragged him into his bedroom.  Spread him on the floor at the foot of his bed.  Yeah, the same bed he been fucking my girl on.  Gotta make that right somehow.  Gotta balance things out.  So I strip the pillowcase off a pillow.  Maybe the same pillow my girl’s head been on?  Maybe.  Probably.  Don’t matter anymore.  Drop the pillowcase at my feet.  Close my eyes and jerk off across it.  Think of my girl as I do it.  Feel closer to her somehow.  Like we just had…what do you call it… a menash ah trah, or something like that.  A three-way, for Christ sakes, is what I’m saying.  When I’m all done, I shove the pillowcase into his mouth and gag him.

He’s stirring a bit.  Coming around.  See, I didn’t hurt him all that bad.  I slam the claw hammer across his knee.  Just to make sure he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  Eyes damn near pop from his head.  I grab his throat good and tight.  Just getting his attention.  I think I got it.  Tell him if he wants to walk again, he best stop flapping his arms and leg around.  He listens.  Good.  I pull pliers from my back pocket.  A box cutter from inside my boot.  Then give him his choice.  Your fucking fingernails come off one by one.  Or I cut your dick off and shove it through your fucking eye socket.


I find a Heineken inside his fridge.  Import shit.  But it’s beer.  And it’s cold.  Bites the back of my throat a bit, and that’s all I want.  I scrub my hands real good.  Pulp going down the drain makes me laugh.  That poor fucker never had no choices.

It’s gonna be a long night.  But I can’t wait to see my girl later.  Gonna fuck her.  Kiss her hard.  Look into her eyes.  Tell her I love her.  I really, really love her.

There’ll be a nasty grin on my face.  It’s always too dark in the room for her to see it, and I’ll laugh to myself when I whisper all sweet shit into her ear.

~ Joseph A. Pinto

© Copyright 2013 Joseph A. Pinto. All Rights Reserved.

Heed the Tale Weaver: A year of decrepitude we have suffered at the clawing hands of our Damnlings; now the punishment is upon us. Come forth from the shadows, “WANDERER”, and claim from us our Damned souls as your prize!

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58 thoughts on “Sweet Nothings

    1. Hi Magenta! 🙂 Thank you for reading! There’s really nothing poetic in ‘Sweet Nothings’ compared to ‘Sex-Starved Thing,’ for example, so it became important to allow my character to ‘breathe’ with his own distinct voice. He’s disturbed and dark…and yet, isn’t there a piece of him within us all? Of course, most won’t admit it. I suppose that’s why we have the beautiful outlet known as horror fiction 😉

      Thank you again for your kind words! 🙂


      1. Hi Joseph, your’e welcome, yes i aggree all that is expressed in ‘horror’ is found in life, i’m getting more fascinated with it as a genre and will try my hand at it i think. Cheers, keep up the scary work!


  1. Well, well, you do have a vicious turn of phrase…. Darkly enjoyable to read. Dare I ask how you came to write this? 😉


    1. lol Hey Karen! Thank you! Oh, I have a very vicious streak within me…it’s just hidden very well 😛 You obviously know by now that I write in many different styles, ‘Sweet Nothings’ being more of a simplistic style of prose. The coldness of my character (if you wish to call him that, for in his mind, he’s perfectly within his moral rights to dish out justice lol) is captured with minimal words yet with maximum ‘attitude.’

      Hmm, how did I come up with ‘Sweet Nothings?’ Well, tune into my personal blog in about 2 weeks and you’ll find out 😉

      As always, thank you for your support, Karen!! 🙂


    1. Hi Abbie! 🙂 Thank you very much!! Yes, it was very important keeping this tale ‘real;’ the true horror, I believe, is that this is something that can (and has) occurred in every day life. What happens when a heart goes wrong, and what to do with a mind that is poisoned?

      I’m very happy that ‘Sweet Nothings’ hooked into you start to finish!

      I’m very appreciative of your support!! 🙂


  2. Terrifically twisted—and I am honored to briefly step forward out of (or is it into?) the shadows to claim the dark and delectable delicacies the Damned have for me!


    1. Hey Hannah!! May I first say…we have our WINNER for Pen of the Damned’s 1 year anniversary prize package giveaway – say that ten times quick!! lol Congrats, Hannah!!

      Yes!! Anytime I can squeeze a ‘terrifically twisted’ out of a victim…er I mean reader…first thing on a Tuesday is a Damned Tuesday indeed!! 🙂

      Thank you Hannah, and we’ll be contacting you shortly on your complete prize package!! 🙂


  3. Neat story. Was gonna take my own, LUCKY YOU, down off Amazon, thinking it might be too much for some folks, but I don’t know if that’s true. Seeing all the “way to go” comments here, it would seem like I’m in pretty good stead. I guess folks just don’t know who I am yet. But they will. Continued success with your writing.


    1. Hey Mark, thank you for reading! Well, if you’re familiar with my work (or if you’re not), then you’ll know I’m not a one trick pony by any means. I don’t write for shock value per se, even if some of the violence in ‘Sweet Nothings’ may seem otherwise. I think you’ll realize what I’m saying simply by reading my ‘Sex-Starved Thing,’ also here on Pen of the Damned. You always write for the story and the direction it wishes to take; never steer it. Good luck to you as well.


      1. I agree, Joe. When it comes to writing with integrity and authenticity, you must let the story go where it wants. I am learning that everyone has their thoughts, opinions, and, of course, SPIN. I don’t generally let the wants of others direct the way I write, or the content, but I also don’t want to tell a story that folks think is flat. I have to say, I have gotten mostly great response to my work; just now starting out (after a lifetime of dreaming it, it is finally so). I personally love raw stories that hold nothing back. That isn’t to say I generally go for the total ‘gross-out,’ I’m more of a subtle whisper kind of attack. The poisonious kind that takes you down with little notice. LOL I will check out the rest of your blog. Need to get one up and running for myself, but with the full-time (exhausting as hell) day job, my nights are mostly filled with writing, writing, writing. Connecting with folks will come. I have every confidence. Now if only I could get a menacing looking author photo. I need to shave my head or get some ink done. Way too white-bread for what most folks expect out of a ‘horror’ writer. Who knows, maybe that’s a good thing? Keeps ’em guessing…and off guard. Take care and stay in touch. And check out my stuff. You won’t find it quite as ‘in your face,’ but I don’t know, LUCKY YOU is pretty graphic. Almost feel the need to put a warning label on Amazon. 🙂

        Later boss!


    1. Why thank you much, AR! Much appreciated, as well the time you took to read ‘Sweet Nothings.’

      And forgive me: welcome to the Damned! Take my hand, if you will, and allow me to lead you down the dark corridors of our Damned writers’ minds. But beware…I did not promise you a safe return 😉


    1. Hello sir!! Thank you, I appreciate that very much! When a character’s “voice” drives a story, it can be tricky sledding. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. Thank you again for taking the time to read 🙂


  4. Fantastic as always, Joe! I love the street vibe of this tale. And I love the big dog barking!! (So very ‘Jersey – LOL) You have such a wild imagination, and a varied voice. You truly are an amazing talent – diverse, creative, cruel, and kind in your differing pieces. “There’ll be a nasty grin on my face” after reading this one! Kudos, Damned one! ;}


    1. Hey Nina!! Thank you! :} lol Big dog bark, you better hear it!! 😛 It’s so important to me for my pieces to sound & feel different. I make sure never to force it, however. It’s either ‘there’ or it’s not. I appreciate that you think ‘Sweet Nothings’ was ‘there’ lol

      As always, thank you for all your support, Nina!!


      1. It’s a great piece – it almost seems simple, but as a whole, not even remotely. The trick to really good writing in any tone, and one you do very well, is to make the reader almost forget they are reading and get carried away by the words so they can experience them. You have pulled that off extremely well here. Nicely, nicely, done. 🙂


  5. Joe, the casual tone you put into this story really made it great read for me. At times I felt like I was sitting next to this guy in the bar as he was unfolding this story, and at other times I felt like I was an extra personality in his head and had a front row ticket to a dark and twisted show.


    1. That’s awesome, Zack, because that’s just the way I intended it! When I first wrote this, I feared it might be too ‘simple.’ But my character grew on me…let’s just say he was very persuasive with that claw hammer of his 😉 lol

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for your continued support!


  6. Nothing sweeter than serving just deserts! Thanks for the fun ride along, Joe. As Zack mentioned it was like hearing a bar story, but from an acquaintance you’re slowly realizing you don’t know as well as you thought. The punishment he laid down was awesome. It’s fun rooting for the bad guy!
    Thanks, Joe!
    P.S. Congrats Wanderer, you and all the other readers of The Damned are amazing!


  7. Twisted! Some quite horrific imagery in here, and yet it is crafted with care and consideration. The voice is as distinctive as it is unsettling, and goes a long way to evidence my belief that you never quite know what is going on in someone else’s head. Excellently written, Joe, and thoroughly engrossing.


    1. Thank you very much, Tom! I don’t think any of us should be privy to some thoughts…and yes, it just goes to show you may never truly know the person beside you. I’m glad I gave you a bit of the heebie-jeebies, Tom lol


  8. Such lovely gratification within the Damned parameters of revenge. Quiet, planned, sweet revenge! Vengeance is mine sayeth the Tale Weaver, and the words flow like milk and honey. Great job, my friend.



    1. Aah Blaze, sometimes justice finds itself issued worse than the crime itself. Thank you for reading, Blaze, and as always, your kindness. I’m glad I did you Damned proud! 🙂


    1. lmao Hey Miss L.M 😉 No, it’s not bad at all…actually pretty hysterical…a whole new twist on the story!! lol

      Thank you for reading, my dear. I’m thrilled I managed to chill your blood for a few moments 🙂


  9. Sitting here … mouth agape … wow 😉 Joseph, love, this was something …enjoyed it … although I’m not sure I should have … but your words are good as always … gifted love. Grazie for sharing, Bells xxx


    1. Hi Bells! 🙂 I know you don’t like scary things or stories, but I’m so excited that I got you to enjoy ‘Sweet Nothings!’ lol See, I told you I’d pull you over to the dark side with me! 😛

      Thank you always for your support & kindness 🙂


      1. Si love … ur pulling me somewhere! Was very good piece love! Raw, filthy, sexy … wicked entire 😉 Nothing sweet about it…but felt it within. Bxxx


          1. *smiles for miles* well…if i’m going to hell…at least i’ll have wonderful company si? Bxxx


    1. Hi Kim!! 🙂 Thank you so much!! I appreciate you taking the time to read ‘Sweet Nothings’…yes, perhaps I made my character too believable for my own good lol 😉


  10. That’s some raw jealousy and revenge going on. How many times has he done this? Well at least well rehearsed
    Well written horrific piece
    I am editing a series and the serial killer is like your guy – terrifying


    1. Hey Leslie! Thank you very much! If I can take a rather simple premise & transform it into something other, than I’ve done a good job indeed! I had a lot of fun writing this; so happy it creeped you out! 😉 lol


  11. Damn!! And Angry!! I almost sighed out in release when I read it, it must have been amazing to experience writing this! Great job. So much emotion!


    1. Damn indeed!! lol Hi Maggie! Thank you very much! Yes, this story is deceptively simple, but not on the emotion or darkness. Just the way I like it!! 😉
      Thank you for reading!!


    1. Thank you very much!! I appreciate you taking the time to read! ‘Sweet Nothings’ is actually one of my simpler tales, but it still doesn’t lack lack in some chilling punch…I thrilled you feel the same!!

      Don’t be a stranger to the Damned – come by & read again! 🙂


  12. Well, well, well…I’m thinking its probably a bad thing that this ‘character’ excites me. I believe I’d probably visit him in prison LOL! Seriously though, exquisitely written. It’s quite a antalizing journey through HIS eyes. Even though he’s wielding some vigilante-style punishment, you allowed the reader to follow his reasoning and justifications. You have a new fan/follower. ~ PoesRavenLady


    1. Why hello, Poe’s Raven Lady! Or is it the Lady Raven…Raven Lady…aah, don’t mind me 😉 lol Thank you for taking the time to read ‘Sweet Nothings!’ I’m thrilled that you have stumbled upon & discovered not only my own work but that of Pen of the Damned! Your kindness is much appreciated!

      If you’d like to read some more of my material, just click on the category box upon our site & scroll until you see my name…and btw, I tried following you on Twitter but was received a message that your current handle no longer exists…

      Thank you again!! 🙂


  13. A mighty good read … and, as you said in one of your comments, it does illuminate something that exists within all of us … I think we all have that ability to cross that line ….

    Dark, illuminating, well-told… though, I must admit to wondering just how sweet the sweet nothings were that he whispered to her at the end …

    And, ok … the whole pillowcase thing … best part of the story … it is the kind of thing a guy would do.


    1. Hey John, thanks very much!! lmao Yeah, the pillowcase thing…lol…trust me, I could hardly contain my sinister delight as I wrote that little bit in!

      I appreciate you taking the time to read ‘Sweet Nothings’


  14. You must be fucking kidding me. Damn! That’s a side of a man i adore! Angry and full of sweet revenge! Awesome! (Id love to see the image of a cock in an eye socket).


    1. No, Ms Owl, I’m not fucking kidding you! 😉 lol You never know what a man (or woman) is capable of… And a severed cock driven into an eye socket is only a few of the literary tricks up my sleeve lol 😉


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