Damned Words 6


Dan Dillard

Bars on your windows, so old and ornate.
At your driveway’s end lies a chained and locked gate.
These both in attempt to circumvent fate.

Huddled … lonely inside your own tomb.
Your domicile morphs into some sort of womb.
You peek through the blinds hoping nothing might loom.

And the world spins around you, life goes on for most.
You should celebrate each day that comes with a toast.
But instead you hide praying you don’t give up the ghost.

The joke, Dear, is that there’s no hope for the dawn.
For wherever you are, Dear, death watches on.

Wrong Turn
Leslie Moon

Darknesses hollow whispers
death’s gripping fingers splayed
mind the path twisting, turns there
don’t divert well-lit ways
many drops of blood’s been spilt here
dagger’s sharpened, long caressed
sightless skulls aimed and leering
the spirit must of you assess
bodily theyr’e rendered lifeless
gather, on moonless eve
momentarily seek some solace
wander, they eternal grieve
seeking, mind if they see you
your retreat may never be
run swift rusting gates through
you again will not be free
darknesses claiming whisper
death’s fingers greedily splayed
mind the path, aims to trip dear
don’t divert from well-lit ways

Atomic Number 26
Joseph A. Pinto

And still you’ve no understanding of my stories lost before
you, words stripped of their most basic composition and
left to crumble in a fitting tribute of oxidation.  You’ll always

view me that way, nothing more than your atomic number 26
while the greater part of me flakes bit by bit over time.  I mourn the
days when my message rung true and beauty gleamed through my

imperfection.  Now I go unnoticed, a broken tale; a gate
through which nothing can ever pass again.  Such a wasted thing; left
here, your tainted breath corrupting every last line of my expression.

Thomas Brown

They say dreaming is dead, but I still dream. Clear skies. Cool breeze. A little sunlight on my face. I would like to walk somewhere with you, hand-in-hand, and not be alone. I choke to think of what could be: flesh and blood and bones that sing my name, my song, our song, rising into the wind. We should be so lucky.

They say dreaming is dead, but I still dream of a way out, an escape, a different life to that behind this iron gate; this tarnished prison, this nightmare in which we have trapped ourselves, furry with sharp-blood-rust.

The Other Side
Jon Olson

There it is. I cannot believe it is still standing. My body goes numb as I stare at the place that for many years I called home. The same black iron fence surrounds the property like it did when I lived there. Now the paint is peeling away exposing the rust underneath; reopening old wounds. How many times did I grip the fence wishing, praying that I could someday be on the other side? And now that I am on the outside I don’t feel free. I am still trapped within its grasp behind the padlocked gate, never to reopen.

Nina D’Arcangela

Been so many years, I don’t even remember the sun no more. I hear ‘em muttering, let ‘em talk. I’ll die in this box no doubt. I even heard they sealed it with the name. Trying to shame me I s’ppose. But I have my trophy; I pick my teeth with it every day. Wearin’ it down, but then it was so small to start with. Seems people dislike what I done, but that’s only ‘cause they don’t understan’ it. See, the sweet meat – it’s like veal, you gotta eat it when it’s supple, ‘fore it grows and loses the flavor.

What Lies Within
Blaze McRob

The rusted chain and lock cannot possibly hold this unholy gate in place much longer. Do I dare attempt to break the obstacles and venture within? I must; I have to know!

A well placed kick and the fragile metal breaks. I walk down the stone reinforced tunnel and get closer to the impenetrable darkness. The scent of sweet musk tickles my nostrils, and I smile.

“Lord Azazel, what you long for resides within.”

A torch is lit and I see my prize. Upon an altar she lies, and her glories call out to me.

She screams at my touch…

His to bring…
Zack Kullis

He looked at his charred body. The thugs had chained his security gate moments before they threw the Molotov cocktail through his window.

His fingers still gripped the old iron. The flesh was black like charcoal, and flaked away like the burned paint of the gate. Lips, hair, skin, and anything identifiable had been burned away, leaving a macabre grimace. Death had taken him hours ago.

Fury and lust for revenge damned his soul to this place like the chains had damned him to the fire. He was a wraith, and he welcomed the damnation. Hell was his to bring.

Claiming the Condemned
Tyr Kieran

The end came faster than anyone anticipated and all the prophecies were wrong. It wasn’t failed science gone viral or a cleansing trial to better mankind; it was Hell claiming the condemned—every last one of us. It began with a tortuous plague the turned the sick into blood crazed cadavers. They were the lucky ones. They didn’t suffer the tenuous and futile existence that was always moments away from being torn into a million bite-sized morsels by rancid insatiable teeth. I was the last, eaten alive behind safe gates as I clung expectantly to my wife’s once still corpse.

Each piece of fiction is the copyright of its respective author
and may not be reproduced without prior consent.
Image © Copyright Dark Angel Photography. All Rights Reserved.

27 thoughts on “Damned Words 6

  1. It’s always fascinating to see how we each interpret the same photograph, and the different voices we use to express what we see. These are my favourite posts! Nina – I loved this line. Dark Angel indeed!

    “See, the sweet meat – it’s like veal, you gotta eat it when it’s supple, ‘fore it grows and loses the flavor.”


  2. I agree Thomas. Now when I write I’m wondering how the theme will take hold and intertwine thru each piece.
    well done damnlings – the visuals and victuals a delight for the senses


    1. You wrote loverly as always, Leslie. 😀 And I still think what we were discussing earlier would make a grand portait for the damned to spill a little blood.



  3. I’m with the both of you, Thomas and Leslie. It’s always a thrill to see just how many twisted angles can be derived from one photograph.

    I enjoyed every piece


  4. Damned minds conjure the damnedest things! Always a pleasure to both participate and read these tales, demented beauties that slither in every direction from the same dark image. Excellent work as always, my Damned brethren!


  5. Thought provoking photography from the Dark Angel herself always seems to draw out the best from our wicked little minds 😉 My brain follows the direction of poetry when writing these; I think it’s because Nina’s imagery first stirs the creative emotion within me. But the greatest joy is sitting back and reading all our interpretations. They are wonderfully ‘all across the board,’ so to speak; a Damned puzzle that fits perfectly when read as a whole. Great prose from everyone! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Joe. We all have our own special ways of spreading the words of the Dark. When we have the opportunity to combine them in one piece, we only gain more respect for each other.



  6. Beautiful work guys! Your words (and brilliant minds) did this obscure photograph justice in an array of varying voices each carrying it’s own distinct flavor and flair!

    On a separate note, we’re saying goodbye to one of our Damned members this week with his last post. Dan Dillard – we’re sad to see him go and wish him the best of luck and success in the future! Dan has an Amazon author page if you’d like to check out his published works. He also has some great stuff on his personal blog. Don’t forget to hop around to ALL the members blogs, what you see here is just a sampling of our twisted imaginations and multiple writing interests!!

    A 21 gun salute for Dan Dillard, folks. Let’s send him off with style. 🙂


  7. I have to say how impressed I am with the fantastic story written by our newest member, Jon Olson! This is the first of many great tales we will listen to aptly through the movements of his magic quill. Welcome aboard, my friend!



    1. Thank you very much, sir! Reading all of the different interpretations of the one photograph is quite amazing and I must say that I’m excited to be a part of this deliciously Damned ride!


      1. This is quite a talented and eclectic group, Jon. I am glad you have found a home with us here. We are supportive of our fellow members. And bear in mind, you would not be here if you didn’t have mastery of the craft.



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