Damned Words 7


Anger Falls
Zack Kullis

It trickles at first, barely perceptible, moving slowly towards an inevitable end. Heat blooms, melting what once was controlled in an icy grip. The trickles collide, begin to coalesce, mingle and fuse.

The calm silence swiftly flows towards a thundering rumble. It pushes against its boundaries with a hint of its violent potential. There is no damn to hold back the deluge.

Anger swells, mounting, growing exponentially as I yield to the unstoppable. I feel the precipice as the fury carries me over and plunges me into the tumultuous abyss of wrath. This is fury’s terminal velocity – Anger Falls.

The Pool Below
Jon Olson

My heart beats rapidly; anxious with excitement. I brought the children like it told me to do. That was so easy. The water is still, like glass, before spilling over into the pool below. Somewhere in those depths, it’s watching, waiting; and hungry. It wants them. Laughing, the little ones are unaware. The movement is ferocious, the scaled grey hand frightening, the laughter silenced; and I am alone. I pull my eyes away from the violence, back to the calm. A deep breath, an exhale and I relax. It’s over, for now, until it grows hungry again. And it will.

Amber Vision
Nina D’Arcangela

Sluicing beneath the calm amber surface, she admires her own form; long sensuous limbs encased in umber scales glinting iridescent, claws meant for rending soft flesh, eyes the barest taint of rust. She floats these waters from another time, another place – all but forgotten. Spying one wading to catch its meal, she allows the flow to carry her near, masks herself as that of something much smaller, permits her seeming capture. A smile parts her lips as her hooked fangs insure its death. She playfully rolls onto her back, the two tumbling head first into the raucous waters churning below.

Joseph A. Pinto

This; this place where first I laid eyes on you, beckoning from atop the crest. I would rip gods from the skies just to be with you. I fight the currents. I swallow deeply our Acheron; your vile taste leaves me reborn. Thunder in my ears, cascade a veil cross my eyes. I cannot refuse you; how I relish the way you bloat my throat. Allow me rest; but for a moment, will you…the gravel bed serves me well. Speak my sacrifice at the headwaters; slice free from me my spawn. Let me swirl like detritus amidst your feet.

Tyr Kieran

In this moment, I am keen. Saturated. Aware. A dominating flourish of life swarms my senses—every detail becoming known and prominent. The breeze caresses my face. Bugs and birds chirp in merry discourse. Dazzling, the sunlight peaks through the foliage overhead and crystallizes brilliantly in the water below. The wood planked bridge behind me sways ever so slightly, subtle creaking that hums in harmony with nature. I feel alive. My heart swells, pounding faster and faster, blood surging. Then, the gurgling lullaby of the creek and everything else ends suddenly as the bristled rope around my neck snaps taught.

Craig McGray

Even as a young boy, I’d often wondered what was beneath the roiling water of the falls. Mesmerized by the clarity, clear and untainted before cascading onto the rocks below, crashing into the time-worn rocks huddled at the bottom.

Life, like a crisp mountain stream, starts as something pure, innocent, before running its turbulent course, eventually reaching a precipice and plummeting to something else, something we can’t be positively sure of.

Over the years, I’ve tossed many screaming souls from this very spot, and I’ve yet to hear back as to what they found at the bottom of the falls.

Trespass No More
Blaze McRob

Unseen hands hold Craig’s face beneath the swirling waters below the dam, rubbing it to and fro, the jagged rocks on the river bottom cutting his face to shreds. The unseen entity lifts Craig’s face from the river and says, “You fucking anglers think you can disregard signs. Stay out means just that. You’re not special. This river is mine.”

Enraged at the blood pouring into his beloved river, he shoves Craig under once more, slamming his head repeatedly against the moss-laden saws designed by Mother Nature. His job completed, he releases Craig’s body.

“You will trespass no more, mother-fucker…”

No Swimming
Thomas Brown

From the outside it doesn’t look like much: three warehouses painted a pale cream. Sometimes there is a van or two, parked in the vacant bay beside the river. Plumes of white smoke. A sign, announcing where I am:

The Dream Factory.

Visitors report to the holding bay for guided tours.

You couldn’t pay me to cross the low wire-mesh fence. I’ve seen what leaves this place; not in the vans, but the adjacent stream: transparent fat, pinkish globules, and if you look closely, long, effervescent faces, mouths stretched, eyes wide: nightmares, skimmed from the vats into the quick current.

Magenta Nero

The all encompassing roar of the water, a frothing primeval anger that rises from deep within the earth, takes back each useless tear as it rolls off my cheeks. I have spent a lot of time here lately. Poised on this edge. Thinking. Your body slapped against rocks, broken and swept away downstream. Like waste. From the split in your skull leak your extravagant lies. You remember this place don’t you? The place of our first tender kiss. And now our very last. Your mouth open but silent. Your eyes, wide, incredulous, staring back up at me. As you drop.

Each piece of fiction is the copyright of its respective author
and may not be reproduced without prior consent.
Image © Copyright Dark Angel Photography. All Rights Reserved.

29 thoughts on “Damned Words 7

  1. Show the Damned some water and let the poetry flow! Some lyrical writing here, dredging the depths of human emotion and despair. Even crystalline waters are not without darkness, it seems.

    Welcome, Craig and Magenta – this offers us a glimmer of your dark prose and I, for one, am looking forward to reading more!


  2. Thanks, Thomas! What a great assortment of writing from a deeply talented group. I’m honored to see my name along side all of you and look forward to bringing my own brand of dark prose to the posts and learning from you all in the process.

    Well done, my deviant friends.


  3. My, my. The Damned appear to get irritable around crashing water. Yet, is that not a good thing? The swirling turbulence of horror attaches itself to the water droplets in a most magnificent way.



  4. I have to agree with the comments made on this collection of drabbles so far, water does seem to encourage The Damned to wax poetic! Beautiful work, one and all. The pieces presented here are delicious in their raw emotion; taken as a whole, the collection is something even more spectacular!

    A very warm welcome to our newest deviants, Craig and Magenta – it is an honor to have both of you join The Damned! 😀


  5. Zack – yes does look angry and you showed that too
    Jon – hunger – very good
    Nina – great last line – “playfully”
    Joseph – claps hands – delightful
    Tyr – oh bravo! Wasn’t expecting that
    Craig – – rude of them not to tell you lol
    Blaze – 😀
    Thomas – wow
    Magenta – all gone lol

    the thing I love about prompts is how several people can use the same pic in this case and arrive at totally different stories – it’s magic

    They are all wonderful


  6. God help those that cross the Damned, cause no one else will!

    It’s always quite a treat to read these 100 word segments, peeking into the fantastic minds and shadowed hearts of the Damned. Amazing works as always, and beautifully crafted debuts from the Craig and Magenta!!!


  7. I enjoyed all of these pieces. Such a wide range of topics and emotions were covered with skill and bloody finesse. It is such a pleasure to be a part of this esteemed group.

    Craig and Magenta, welcome to the ranks of the Damned! \m/


  8. First, a big welcome to the newest members of the Damned, Craig and Magenta! We are proud to have you aboard! 🙂

    I think this is one of our finest collaborations yet!! Every post contributed stands out magnificently in its own way; many pieces to the Damned puzzle, yet forming a perfect image as a whole. I’m extremely proud to be part of this with all of you! 🙂


  9. These have nearly rendered me speechless. I love the undercurrents of desperation in some and the seething anger in others. This might be one of my favorite collections from the Damned yet. Thank you all for sharing your darkly delicious talents with the rest of us.


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